Monday, April 30, 2012


My friend Minhthy and I were craving a little outdoor adventure the other day and since the weather has been so nice we couldn't resist a trip to Empire Cafe. We enjoyed a nice lunch out on their patio and were able to catch up on some much needed girl time. After lunch we decided to head over to Crave cupcakes, which in my opinion is the best cupcake place in Houston. I enjoyed their limited run pistachio and Minhthy had their mint chocolate chip cupcake. I think my favorite so far has been their dark chocolate, or maybe the red velvet, or there's even the German chocolate....I guess I'm still debating over which one takes the lead.

 After our cupcakes we decided the day was not over. We went over to Minhthy's apartment to watch bad Netflix movies. If any of you out there have Netflix watch instantly then you know there are some good movies on their list, but there are a lot of one and two star rated movies that you can't help but watch and continue to watch. You know it's a horrible story line or bad acting or maybe both, but you get sucked into the story and have to watch until the end to know what happens. I have been on a bad movie watching binge lately racking up such titles as Jennifer's Body (sorry all you Meghan Fox lovers out there), the People vs. Larry Flint, The Cheetah Girls (thank you Baby E), and Sleeping Beauty (definitely not the Disney version). Have any of you seen any good or bad movies lately?

Thanks Minhthy for taking these pictures!
Top: Renew Denim
Jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Necklace from Greece worn as bracelet, Stella & Dot, Charlotte Russe ring, Marc Jacobs ring, ring from Greece, black bangles from The Admiralty


By Natalia Vizcarra said...

Nice picture and nice outfit!

Mercedes and Connie said...

nice pics dear!!

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