Monday, April 16, 2012


On April 12th the Houston Museum of Natural Science hosted a VIP night to celebrate the Titanic, 100 years later. My Uncle Matt (who's quite awesome, if you didn't already know) was able to get my friend Minhthy and I last minute tickets to this sold out event. Three cheers for Matt! I was never a huge fan of the movie and I wasn't one of those lusting teenagers over Leo. However, I am a huge history nerd and the history and story behind the Titanic fascinates me. The event described a first class area where a sting quartet would be playing (in my opinion, much like the band playing as the ship was sinking and people were scrambling to life boats) as well as third class where there would be a Celtic band playing.

The event was fabulous! As you entered you received a swag bag (if you were the lucky few like Minhthy and I were) that had free museum passes and a discounted Titanic exhibit pass, which I definitely need to use. Once inside, on the left was the live band for third class and on the right was first class, which was held in the gemstone area (a perfect place for first class). Minhthy and I decided to beat the crowd to the exhibit, so we started there. Upon entering you received a card with a real passengers name and a brief bio, I was an older woman with a daughter and traveled first class...we would need this later. Once inside it was incredible! All of the artifacts from parts of the ship, to history of passengers and the builders of the ship, and quite a few personal belongings. It was amazing to see what items were almost immaculately preserved and those that had much deterioration. At the end of the exhibit you were able to look up the name you were given and see if you survived. I thought since I was first class that surely I would have survived, but Minhthy told me not to get my hopes up....however, I did survive!

Overall this exhibit was amazing and the VIP night to celebrate the Titanic's voyage 100 years ago was a great showcase of her history. I can't wait to use my pass to the museum I got that night to go again and maybe I'll buckle down and see the movie as well.

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: BCBG (old)
Shoes: Bebe (old)
Jewelry: Juicy Couture heart earrings, Bebe bangles, Stella & Dot ring, Chloe Lane Studio "Oui/Non" necklace


Greetings from Texas! said...

Um, that event sounds AWESOME. Super jealous! =)

Style Recognized said...

Love the top and the skirt is cute!

erica marie said...

Cute outfit, love the print on your blouse. Sounds like it was a great exhibit.

xo erica

vintage process said...

Great pictures!! I love it!!!

Stephanie Liu said...

I love your dress! The event sounds like fun :)

xo Stephanie

By Natalia Vizcarra said...

Nice look! I'm following you now, you can visit my blog and follow me if you like!


Love this look! :)

K said...

That necklace is amazing!! i really love it!!

Love K

GlamorousGirl said...

lovely :)

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