Monday, April 30, 2012


My friend Minhthy and I were craving a little outdoor adventure the other day and since the weather has been so nice we couldn't resist a trip to Empire Cafe. We enjoyed a nice lunch out on their patio and were able to catch up on some much needed girl time. After lunch we decided to head over to Crave cupcakes, which in my opinion is the best cupcake place in Houston. I enjoyed their limited run pistachio and Minhthy had their mint chocolate chip cupcake. I think my favorite so far has been their dark chocolate, or maybe the red velvet, or there's even the German chocolate....I guess I'm still debating over which one takes the lead.

 After our cupcakes we decided the day was not over. We went over to Minhthy's apartment to watch bad Netflix movies. If any of you out there have Netflix watch instantly then you know there are some good movies on their list, but there are a lot of one and two star rated movies that you can't help but watch and continue to watch. You know it's a horrible story line or bad acting or maybe both, but you get sucked into the story and have to watch until the end to know what happens. I have been on a bad movie watching binge lately racking up such titles as Jennifer's Body (sorry all you Meghan Fox lovers out there), the People vs. Larry Flint, The Cheetah Girls (thank you Baby E), and Sleeping Beauty (definitely not the Disney version). Have any of you seen any good or bad movies lately?

Thanks Minhthy for taking these pictures!
Top: Renew Denim
Jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Necklace from Greece worn as bracelet, Stella & Dot, Charlotte Russe ring, Marc Jacobs ring, ring from Greece, black bangles from The Admiralty

Monday, April 16, 2012


On April 12th the Houston Museum of Natural Science hosted a VIP night to celebrate the Titanic, 100 years later. My Uncle Matt (who's quite awesome, if you didn't already know) was able to get my friend Minhthy and I last minute tickets to this sold out event. Three cheers for Matt! I was never a huge fan of the movie and I wasn't one of those lusting teenagers over Leo. However, I am a huge history nerd and the history and story behind the Titanic fascinates me. The event described a first class area where a sting quartet would be playing (in my opinion, much like the band playing as the ship was sinking and people were scrambling to life boats) as well as third class where there would be a Celtic band playing.

The event was fabulous! As you entered you received a swag bag (if you were the lucky few like Minhthy and I were) that had free museum passes and a discounted Titanic exhibit pass, which I definitely need to use. Once inside, on the left was the live band for third class and on the right was first class, which was held in the gemstone area (a perfect place for first class). Minhthy and I decided to beat the crowd to the exhibit, so we started there. Upon entering you received a card with a real passengers name and a brief bio, I was an older woman with a daughter and traveled first class...we would need this later. Once inside it was incredible! All of the artifacts from parts of the ship, to history of passengers and the builders of the ship, and quite a few personal belongings. It was amazing to see what items were almost immaculately preserved and those that had much deterioration. At the end of the exhibit you were able to look up the name you were given and see if you survived. I thought since I was first class that surely I would have survived, but Minhthy told me not to get my hopes up....however, I did survive!

Overall this exhibit was amazing and the VIP night to celebrate the Titanic's voyage 100 years ago was a great showcase of her history. I can't wait to use my pass to the museum I got that night to go again and maybe I'll buckle down and see the movie as well.

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: BCBG (old)
Shoes: Bebe (old)
Jewelry: Juicy Couture heart earrings, Bebe bangles, Stella & Dot ring, Chloe Lane Studio "Oui/Non" necklace

Friday, April 13, 2012


My friend Kim invited me to a photography exhibit in the Village that her friend was apart of. It was a really interesting exhibit, his photos were in a trailer while some of the others were inside. There were a lot of really interesting pictures. Some were different shots of people's body parts. Although how I typed this comes off a lot more morbid than it really was, it was cool seeing peoples feet and arms intertwined. There were also photos like the cake photo at the bottom of the page with graduated cylinders indicating what goes into the slice of cake. Or the photo of someone's head with a dotted line across the top. The thought that I had just watched Hannibal before going out that night made me believe they were going to eat her brains! However...that's just my thought on that one. My favorite photo in the trailer was one of a staircase, the first shot here. It took your eyes both up the stairs and down, I almost didn't know where to look!

Here are a few shots I took that night.

My favorite SeanDavidBradley photo

Me and Kim

Top: Forever 21 spaghetti, American Apparel chiffon top
Jeans: Rock and Republic (old)
Shoes: BCBG (old)
Jewlery: Stella & Dot flower earrings, DIY bracelet, Nordstrom bird ring (old)
Purse: Louis Vuitton (old)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


After my outing at Bayou Bend Gardens I had dinner with a friend I met on our Modern Home Tour. We decided to go to this new restaurant called Underbelly. Don't be fooled by the seemingly unappetizing name because this place was delicious! Here are a few quick photos of what I wore for my night out with Kali!

I really like the effects on this one, very vintage looking

Top: Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's tank, Forever 21 floral blouse (old)
Jeans: Hudson (old)
Jewelry: Rebekah Vinyard necklace, Marc Jacobs watch, gifted craft bracelet, Tiffany mesh ring, Greek key ring from Greece, Stella & Dot flower earrings
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