Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amanda's Trip to Houston

My best friend from California came to visit me a while back and I'm just now getting to put up the pictures. This was her first trip to Houston and I think she really enjoyed herself (the evidence is in her flight itinerary for another trip!) Like most guests that come to Houston I gave her the usual tour of downtown and all the sights of Houston. We also went out with my friend Caroline to sushi dinner (yum!) and then to a few bars. I must admit I have not really sampled much of the night life that Houston has to offer.

Her dad also got us these amazing tickets to see My Fair Lady, we sat front row center! I had never seen it before and didn't even know what it was about,but I loved it! It made me want to immediately rent the movie featuring one of my favorites, Audry Hepburn. We also saw a movie at Studio Movie Grill which is a movie theater where you can order dinner and drinks, my kind of theater!

Sadly after 5 days she had to fly back to California, but I cannot wait for her to come back again this year. There will be a whole new set of adventures to document!

Touring Houston

Amanda and Me

I was in love with this shirt!

Random art sculpture downtown

Top: Forever 21 spaghetti strap, Zara top
Jeans: Target
Rainboots: Burberry (similar here)
Jacket: Duo

Night on the Town

Top: Forever 21 spaghetti strap, Zara top
Jeans: Rock and Republic skinnies
Shoes: Steve Madden
Jewelry: Carey Hill bracelets, Carey Hill ring, Grandmother's engagement ring, Marc Jacobs ring, Tiffany ring, Marc Jacobs watch
Purse: Louis Vuitton Pochette Eva with Disney vinylmation charm

Movie date

Top: Juicy Couture
Jeans: Rock and Republic skinnies
Sweater: Express (old)
Shoes: Ugg
Scarf: craft fair
Ring: Forever 21

Thank you to my amazing Uncle for taking all the pictures!


Amanda said...

Yay! So excited to come back to Houston! I just need to remember to bring new clothes so the same outfits do not show up on here! LOL! Love you Bestie!

Catherine said...

I have been obsessed with those Steve Madden shoes (that you're wearing in your night out outfit) since I first laid eyes on them! So lovely. You look great in these! :) I've never seen My Fair Lady (not even the Hepburn movie!) but it's one of my mom's favorites!

Wida said...

I miss Texas so much. Only been to Houston once. Beautiful!

Missing Amsie Blog

The Little Texan said...

-Catherine: They are really amazing! I saw them on Black Friday and they were so comfortable I had to get them. And I would highly recommend My Fair Lady. I still haven't seen the movie yet (shame on me) but the story was so cute!

-Wida: Texas is really beautiful! I didn't know what to expect moving here but I really have fallen in love with this city!

Toma Muznikait─Ś said...

as I said, you are such a stylish!!! definitely have a new follower and supporter!

Fill the city

The Little Texan said...

Thank you! It's so great to know people are reading and enjoying my fashion musings :)

Tamara B said...

Very cute post!! Im been in love with interior design lately so im also admiring the all art as well :)

Stylissimo said...

Traveling is always so expiring
Happy new year

Anonymous said...

WOW ! A couple of years ago I was an exchange student in Oregon and I travelled a bit, I went to LA and Miami...I've always wanted to visit Texas tho =)

Sabrina said...

beautiful outfit!!love pics!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine , do the same!!

Lifelessrobot said...

I am really in love with that Zara shirt, it looks good on you, so femenine

V. said...

love the rain boots and the pink top!

check out my blog if u have a moment!


The Little Texan said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone! Glad you like my outfits :)

Cee Cee said...

Hope you had lots of fun, cute outfits! :)

xo Cee Cee
@Ceecee's Inspirations Blog

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