Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mix and Match

I went to Pei Wei to visit their new Freestyle machine with my friend Minhthy. I told her about the project I was working on and she was excited to join me and help take photos. I was able to convince her to try the machine out as well. Since she is a soda drinker it worked out perfectly. She can give you the inside scoop about the soda portion of the machine.

She tried out Coke Zero and did a combination of flavors, cherry and vanilla. That's the beauty of the machine, you can mix your own sodas together to create your own unique flavor. She doesn't normally order a drink with her meals, but she said she'd be more likely to order one if there were this many options. Especially since she can mix her own flavors together and control the amount of each flavor option.

Check out her photos below!


Theodora C. said...

Great post dear!
I am your newest follower,wanna follow eachother?

Tania said...

love these machines!! i used to have one at my local el pollo loco but sadly, they got rid of it. now i don't know where to get my freestyle soda on...

Unknown said...

How cute are you!!!;))

Ps. Let us know if you would like to follow each other


Unknown said...

oooh that's pretty cool.. i've never seen that machine before.. gotta find one now.


The Ginge said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone!

The machines are definitely awesome!!

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