Friday, December 30, 2011

Touring Houston

This was day one of my parents trip to Houston. We took a tour around the city and showed them all the city has to offer. Honestly this is my favorite thing to do when people come out to visit for the first time. My Uncle Matt knows so much about the city and has so many fun facts to share as we drive around. I get to hear something new with every tour we do!

Our first pit stop was a park that is dedicated to my uncles that is both able-bodied and disabled children accessable. It was really a fun you can see I had a little bit of fun there too! We also drove through downtown and saw the theater discrict. Finally, we drove around River Oaks, my favorite neighborhood. I love to look at the different houses and all the architechture. River Oaks has some amazing homes!

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take photos of my outfit, but you can get the gist from the photos. Enjoy!

Beer can house aka house made entirely of beer cans!

Top: Jcrew (similar here)
Shoes: Tory Burch (similar here)
Bracelets: Stella & Dot, Tiffany, purchased in Greece
Earrings: Tiffany (old)


vintage process said...

Great pictures!! I love it!!

Mercedes and Connie said...

love ur blog!
i follow you!
hug from BARCELONA

follow each other?

The Little Texan said...

Thank you for following!

I'm now following your blog, love your style!

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