Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY: Studded Clutch

Tada! This DIY project is a Christmas gift for my best friend Amanda that I started a while back and just now finished (I got sidetracked a bit with other projects along the way). I didn't realize how time consuming this project would be until I started it, but I really love the end result so it was worth the time it took.

I started with a DIY clutch that you might remember here. I had an extra zipper and fabric so I used this to create a smaller bag. You could also use an old clutch that you have lying around or find a cheap one at a store.

Note: I used the Stylescrapbook DIY for the clutch

Amanda told me that she liked a certain studded purse and I thought to myself, I can make that! I stored that thought away  for a Christmas gift idea and that's how this project was born.

I went to studsandspikes.com to order the studs I needed for the project. I found this website when I did my spiked sweatshirt here.

I initially ordered 2 bags of 100 count thinking that would be enough but had to halt the project when I ran out. Overall I used almost 300 studs! Lesson learned: order more than you think you're going to use.

I started by pressing the studs into the fabric of the clutch. This proved to be difficult since the fabric was thick and, word to the wise, will make your thumbs sore after a while. I pressed each stud into the fabric and bent the clasps inward to hold the stud in place on the clutch.

Repeat this step in the desired pattern. I wanted the whole clutch to be covered in studs so I stuck with straight lines all the way across, but you could also try a diagonal pattern or even a smaller pattern that doesn't cover the whole bag.

Here's the end result!!

love the texture of the studs!

Tools: clutch, studs, pliers


Amanda said...

You are the best! I love it so much! Cannot wait to use it!

Self-Dressed said...

wow wow!!! love it!! I will take it into account!!!


Constance said...

Look so great! You did a great job!!!Love it, I'm gonna try!

Tina said...

this is so creative! wow!
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Hena Tayeb said...

Oh wow.. so cute!

jas said...

great job!


The Little Texan said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! I'm glad I was finally able to finish this one :)

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